What Customers Have Been Saying About Our Mastiffs

Goldleaf Mastiffs would like to share with you some letters
from happy customers. We would be more than happy to
put you directly in touch with anyone for references.
Thank you.

Hi Bob & Jann,

Heather and I just love Max. He has melded right into our family and it is hard to imagine a time when he wasn't around. He is very caring and careful with our daughter, she to has fallen in love with our big man. Max is only 7 1/2 months old and is already over 150#'s! I can't believe how big he has gotten and how fast. We took him to a dog park a couple of days ago, and he was head and shoulders above the other dogs. People will walk all the way accross the park just to meet him. He is always happy to sit for all the attention that comes his way. He is at the head of the class in his dog training, and picks up commands quickly regardless of distrations. Thank you very much for such a
great dog. His Dad is Hoss, and I can only guess that he too is going to be a giant boy! Attached is a Picture of our Daughter Holly and her Puppy Max. In this pic Holly is 9 Months and Max is 6 1/2.

Thanks again,
Tim and Heather


Hi Bob -

I just wanted to give you an update on Booyah. Well, we've had a very emotional week. Every test or procedure they gave her (blood, oral scope, biopsy) came back negative. She hasn't been able to keep any food or water down the entire week and was constantly throwing up green bile. After
walking into the emergency clinic yesterday and finding her laying in a pile of green bile we about lost it. The internal specialist was convinced that she had no blockage and
wanted to put her on a massive dose of steroids for 48 hours and reevaluate her then.

At that point Bob, she was going down hill fast and didn't know if she could make it another 48 hours. So we immediately decided we needed a second opinion. So we
discharged her and took her to another internal specialist. After feeling her stomach for about 10 minutes, he could feel something hard in her intestines and Booyah gave him the look that she didn't like it. He decided that she needed immediate surgery that evening. We got a call from the Dr.
right before she went under and he said he did another ultrasound and could see the foreign body.

Her surgery went well and found out that she had a Kong (little rubber toy) in her lower intestine. It all makes sense now because she got sick last Wednesday night and she spent that day at a dog camp near our house. She must have eaten it there, we don't have any small toys at our
house. No more dog camp for her!!!!


Needless to say, we are so relieved and just keeping our fingers
crossed that she has no problem with her recovery.  She still a
little hesitant to eat but don't really blame her since every time
they tried to feed or water her, she threw up.

We can't thank you enough for calling us back this week!  We
were so worried and scared that we might lose our girl and
hearing your opinions really helped.  I got a little choked up
when you asked me if she's been a good dog.  I can't tell how
sweet, loving and what a well-behaved dog she is.  We love her
so much and anyone who meets her instantly falls in love.  I
can't tell you how hard it would have been on us if something
would have happened, especially with her only being 1 1/2
years old.

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you again for
calling us!

Matt M.

Dear Jann:
Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect mastiff for our family. Your website offered many opportunities for us to learn more about the mastiff, how to choose a pup and a breeder. It was so exciting to correspond with you while Skye was still pregnant and then like eager parents to be, we found out when the pups were born and began getting to know them. You answered so many of my questions from breeding to feeding. Thank you so much. We are thrilled with our Goldleaf's Sir Galahad "Monty." He has succeeded his first week home in winning over our Chihauhas (and that's not easy to do) along with the labradors. It is really amazing how smart he is at such a young age, given he is still learning how to navigate his own body :-). He has a total mastiff personality and we LOVE it!! He is not shy nor aggressive. He sits back and watches a bit and then plays. He's learned how to be soft with the Chi's and not chew on our fingers - in just a few days! We cannot wait to take him out and about when he's had all his shots. We love him and he is our dream come true. We look forward to seeing you at shows and building our relationship. This has truly been the beginning of an awesome experience. Thank you!

The Coyle Family


Hi Bob and Jann,
Here is a recent pic of Mo and me. I guess you can see how much we adore each other!! I think I am well on my way to overbonding with another mastiff! But I cannot think of anything else I would rather be guilty of. I want to thank you both so much for considering me as one of your Goldleaf puppy parents. Mighty Mo, appropriately named after a rugged Tonka toy truck my boys once had, is a welcome addition to our family. His new "brothers" and "sisters" just love him too.
Walnut Creek, CA


Hi Jann
We would like to thank you for our beautiful Zoie 101. She is almost 5 months old now and getting bigger everyday. She is a wonderful dog with a great personality. As you know we are Labrador Retriever breeders and we have 5 great dogs that love to swim, play with our kids and just hang out. They weren't sure about Zoie at first, she did not look like them and did not like the water at first. As she got older they took her in and now she thinks she is a Lab. She loves the pool and loves to run around our property. The picture I've sent is Zoie sitting on the step cooling off. We would like to thank you for a great new addition to our family. She is very healthy, well behaved and she potty trained herself. I will send pictures as she grows up. Keep in touch. Tina, Jeff & Zoie 101, So. Calif.


Our experience at Goldleaf Mastiffs was WONDERFUL!!! We live eight hours away from Jann and Goldleaf Mastiffs, but with Jann’s help it never felt that far. Jann was always there to answer my questions, no matter how stupid they were, and would always answer my emails promptly. With Jann’s help I was able to see pictures of the puppies as they grew and I fell in love with Emma at first sight. When it was time to pick her up my children and I decided to make the drive to Ukiah instead of having her shipped. My three- year-old daughter had so much fun that she always asks me when will we go back and see Jann. Jann was great at working out the best time for us to pick up Emma. She made all of us feel welcomed in her home, so welcomed in fact that we spent hours there just visiting. Jann was very informative and I was able to learn a lot. You can tell how much she loves her mastiffs and all of the puppies. I always felt confident in my purchase and would recommend anyone to Goldleaf Mastiffs. Thank you Jann for all of your help and for our new addition to the family. We all love our “Emma Girl�

Victorville, Ca


Annie is 3 months old - WOW has she grown. All I can tell you is that she has changed our lives in such an amazing way. She is so exceptionally bright and anxious to learn. Bret has taught her to sit, stay and fetch... and she loves her squeeze toy of the mailman! She has found her voice and when she is ready to play or has something to share she definately does so. Jann, we both want to thank you for all the great advice you gave us when we picked her up and you have continuously been there since. If we decided to get a sister or brother for Annie you will be the first one we call.

Elena & Bret
Roseville, CA


Hi Jann, We are SO in love with our girl! Iphigenia is doing great - 40+ lbs and a very busy girl. She has been a dream - we could not have asked for better. At first, my husband thought that I was a little silly for insisting on going to a reputable breeder when we could have easily gotten a mastiff for less money. He has since changed his tune and said many times that the extra cost was very well worth it for the peace of mind that we have gotten. Your responsiveness to our concerns was great and always prompt. Her health is great, she learns quickly, and best of all is her temperment; she is joyful, enthusiastic, VERY affectionate and TONS of fun. She started puppy class a couple of weeks ago and is the star. She puts up with EVERY silly thing that I want to do, whether it is dressing her (see attached photo), bathing and brushing her, clipping her nails (thanks again for helping me with the first one), or making her do 'Dumbo Ears'. We're not ready for another yet, but I know that when we are, we will be calling you. Please feel free to use all of part of this, and please feel free to have others contact me as a reference.

Thanks so much,


I do have to say that our experience in picking up Mack was impressive! To get all that information made us feel very confident in your dogs, and the love that they get there. Not only were we impressed with the binder of information that we got, but that you cared enough to give a stuffed animal, collar and disposable camera as well, went above and beyond to us! The camera showed that you genuinely cared to see these dogs as they got older and cared enough to not forget! I would definitely recommend anyone wanting a mastiff to come to you guys, and shall I be lucky enough to get another one, I am glad to know that this time I will not have hours of research to do, now I'll just get a hold of you guys! Thanks again for everything!

Rohnert Park, CA


Our expeirence with Goldleaf Mastiffs was a wonderful one! You kept us very informed. You answered any questions we had (even the silly ones). We lived so far from you and we trusted you to choose a puppy that best fits our family and you did just that! We LOVE Ms. Maggie May soo much! She is all that we were looking for and more. She is so smart and is already potty trained. The packet you sent along with Ms. Maggie May was very helpful. When ever I would call, you would always return my call and when ever I emailed you were prompt at emailing me back! We had a tough decision to make on how to get Ms. Maggie from you to us. You cared so much about her that you arranged for a close friend to bring her all the way down for us! For that I am so thankful. I couldn't see shipping her all alone! We just went to the Vet last week and she is healthy and doing great! All of us can't wait until she gets her next round of vaccinations so we can take her to the park and pet store. We had the microchip implanted in her and she didn't like that at all. I felt bad for her! She has out grown her crate already and has taken over our laundry room. She has adjusted well to our home, we have our little routine down and boy does she know it! The kids love her and play with her all the time. The first night we brought her home, she slept in her crate next to our bed and our oldest son slept in his sleeping bag in front of her crate. He did that for two nights. She never onced cried. Thank you Jann for this wonderful addition to our family!

Corona, CA


Jann was terrific from the first phone call I made to her. She was very easy to talk to and always answered all of my questions. I could tell right away how much she loves her Mastiffs and I was impressed. She was also interested in me and wanted to make sure I was going to give one of the puppies a great home. I thought it was a good sign that she cared so much because obviously she cared about the pups. She said I could call anytime to see how all the puppies were doing and I did call quite a few times. Jann also sent pictures of the pups via email throughtout the eight weeks, those were always fun to see. The puppies were six weeks old when my husband and I first went to visit them. Jann was very nice in accomodating us coming. We were going to be adopting a female and when we got there she had separted the girls from the boys so we could get to know them better. She made us feel right at home. We sat in the pen with the pups and loved them up. They were all so precious. We stayed for almost two hours, but Jann didn't seem to mind at all. It was so fun seeing the pups. Two weeks later we were back to pick up our puppy. Jann was super organized and made everything easy. She went right out and brought us our baby girl, Heidi. Jann gave us a binder filled with information on Mastiffs and she went through it with us. We signed a document and then we got our picture taken with Heidi and we were ready to go. We were also given Heidi's first collar and a Mr. Snoopy stuffed toy, which she still sleeps with. Jann said we could always call her with any questions we have and that was comforting to know. She also called us the next day to make sure everything was going well and of course it was. Our Heidi has been a lovely puppy. She is very smart and loves all the people she meets. Overall we couldn't be happier with our experience.
Chris & Beth
Pleasanton, CA


I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it was to get one of your puppies.You made everything so easy. The love you have for your dogs showed not only in the puppy packages, the stuffed toy and collar and the booklet, but also in the personality of the puppy. Isolde (Izzy) is the friendliest outgoing puppy. She loves people, when we go for walks she runs up to everyone she sees. All the loving you gave them really paid off. Thank you very much for my new best friend. Laurie
Sebastopol, Ca