How Much it Costs to Breed First-Rate Mastiff Puppies

Many people have asked "What does it cost to breed a litter of mastiff puppies?" Below
is a list of estimated costs involved......

Purchase price for a quality bitch $2500
Food, obedience, vet care for bitch for two years: $2000
Showing: $1000+
(You would have the above costs even if you didn't breed, so we can just exclude the above)

Health testing $1500
Stud fee $2,500.00
Semen shipping: $600
Progesterone testing: $600+
Insemination: $1300
C-section: $1500+
Formula: $400
Vet visit (shots, wormer, checkup): $500+
Extra food for your bitch, cleaning products, whelping box, bedding, heat lamps, medical
supplies, supplements, wipes, laundry detergent, extra water and electricity for all the
laundry, gas money: $1000

We're up to about $10,000 so far, and that is if everything goes well. Emergency middle of
the night vet visits with a failing puppy: $500+

Raising puppies is not an exact science so costs vary.